Humidifier,cooling system

Country of Origin:Taiwan


Detail Specifications

Best Champion Enterprise Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing bench/wheel grinders, grinders/buffers, pumps, air compressors, humidifiers, etc. as well as various power tools. Inquiries for OEM orders and quotations are welcome.

Used indoors and outdoors to cool, humidify, sterilize, enhance mood, attract tourists etc.

Swallow-breeding rooms, mushroom-cultivating greenhouses, textile and knitting plants, papermaking plants, warehousing, farming, animal husbandry, Orchid growing, gardening, bakeries, shopping malls, Fruit & Vegetable storage, Mushroom growing, Hydroponics, diners/lounges, showrooms etc.

Fine misting range of 20sq.m., and automatic misting height of 2.5 - 4 meters