Greenhouse equipment

Country of Origin:Taiwan


Detail Specifications

Used indoors and outdoors to cool, humidify, sterilize, enhance mood, attract tourists etc.
Best Champion Enterprise Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing bench/wheel grinders, grinders/buffers, pumps, air compressors, humidifiers, etc. as well as various power tools. Inquiries for OEM orders and quotations are welcome.

Swallow-breeding rooms, mushroom-cultivating greenhouses, textile and knitting plants, papermaking plants, warehousing, farming, animal husbandry, Orchid growing, gardening, bakeries, shopping malls, Fruit & Vegetable storage, Mushroom growing, Hydroponics, diners/lounges, showrooms etc.

Fine misting range of 20sq.m., and automatic misting height of 2.5 - 4 meters.